So, in circumstances such as that, it might be good for consumers then having a payday loan institution come into their neighbourhood that replaces the bank, so to speak, geographically if the Ministry of Consumer Services say, a trusted voice were to – it would provide them with locations and business hours of alternatives that are within walking distance or within the neighbourhood, rather than waiting. Then, you realize, then operates

Doug Hoyes: therefore, what you’re saying is banking institutions now, there are less branches than here used to be.

It’s a lower number if we looked at the number of branches 20 years ago and the number of branches today. And a complete great deal of this is basically because we now all do online banking and things such as that. And just just exactly what you’re saying will be a lot of this branches which have closed, have actually closed in possibly, less affluent neighbourhoods therefore those individuals maybe don’t gain access to automobiles to go in to the neighbourhood that is next make use of the bank. And also as a total outcome, maybe, they’re being more drawn to payday lenders who will be on every part, type of like a restaurant.