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If you’re a music artist on YouTube, you may be eligible to feature your upcoming US concert listings on your video watch pages. They’ve pushed forward through a number of lineup changes to create nine distinct studio records over their 30-year history; I’ve been listening through most of my life and I very much believe the Jayhawks are one of the Great American Rock Bands. We’ve previously shown you how to discover music , how to find concerts online , and how to share setlists If you’ve got those areas of social music covered, you might now be looking for concerts when you are on-the-go. Join us on a magical musical journey throughout the heart and soul of the Motor City and chronicle Detroit’s epic influence on the world of music.

This app also recommends bands and comedians that aren’t on your playlists to help you discover new and emerging artists. For the first time in Washington DC, the multi-talented, songwriter, and composer Marwan Khoury will be performing his all-time hits in a night to remember. As the musical prepares for its closing night, we asked five cast members—Will Roland, George Salazar, Lauren Marcus, Katlyn Carlson, and Jason SweetTooth Williams—a series of questions about their experiences along the show’s journey from New Jersey to Broadway.

UHeights Summer Music Festival University Heights breaks their summer fun into free, two-hour sets every Saturday. Check out live music every night of the week at these Chicago music clubs and halls. The only way we can guarantee that your ticket is valid is if you personally purchased it from Altitude Tickets. Some of the services we reviewed listed as many as four separate fees when we tried to purchase concert tickets. However, ticket prices for 70% of concerts will decrease as the event approaches. Concert sellouts will be announced on this Summer Concert Series webpage and at You can also find out whether a concert is sold out by contacting Guest Services at (303) 797-8565 ext.

That’s lesser than the number of people attending my Professor’s lecture. Sit back and enjoy the tickets to this great event from Tickets-Online when you see a concert event with all the other fans in attendance. Speaking as an indie artist who has toured with my band extensively for the last decade, this article is for the most part BS. The guy is obviously trying to sell a sob story to try and convince his fans (or whoever) that his band isn’t making money on the road. You can purchase and print tickets from your own computer up through the starting time of the event.

The service offers tickets for all types of events, but concerts are a big one. The Doors were the dictionary definition of a legendary band, and lead singer Jim Morrison was the prototypical rock god — but if you caught them live, you never knew exactly what you were going to get. Though the Backbeat experience is often defined by the rolling music bus, Backbeat knows that to really get Memphis you have to come face to face with its history. If you are browsing tickets for a specific event, you can look at interactive maps for some venues.

We also enable you to browse concert tickets by city and state. The Sunday concerts will be July 14, 21 and 28 at the 560 Music Center. I have successfully hooked up with ticket sellers through online forums, and my only bad experience was when the seller did not show up on game day with the tickets he promised. Hailed by the New York Times for her lyricism and fire,” violinist Arabella Steinbacher returns to the Concert Hall to once again delight audiences in a dynamic performance of Mozart’s demanding Violin Concerto No. 4. Esteemed conductor Marek Janowski leads the program, which also includes Bruckner’s most celebrated symphony, the dramatic Seventh.