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11 nov 2019

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CBD hemp oil treatment

By L Fetters January 9, 2017 at 5:23 pm

I became wondering if anyone has been aware of research on CBD hemp oil treatment plan for COPD? CBD oil reduces swelling, depression and anxiety, and is an expectorant. It offers few if any unwanted effects. I’d like to take this as opposed to Prednisone. My doc is okay as I still use my Spiriva with me taking this product as long. Any information could be greatly appreciated. Many Many Thanks. L. Fetters

By kwilter2 10, 2017 at 8:44 am january

Anyone else note just how much the cost of Spiriva has increased within the last couple of few years? Also….anyone else have a problem with the capsule crushing in he handihaler after pushing the switch from the part? We can’t say for sure if i will be getting any advantage at these times.

By Jenn Patel 12, 2017 at 7:11 am january

Thank you for the questions you have!

You’re right that medications can undoubtedly get extremely costly.

5 nov 2019

The application of CBD for Headache Prevention

Migraine Headache:

You get up and it strikes. You get to bed as well as your head is beating. You can not rest rendering it worse, lights start to bother you, noises are painful, your face is pulsating and there’s no final result in sight!! Is this the beginning of a migraine? Let us start our discussion of hassle disorders by very very first defining exactly what a migraine hassle is.


A syndrome that is neurological results in changed bodily perceptions, with additional light sensitiveness, sound sensitivity, mind motion sensitiveness, serious headaches and sickness. Other signs may add vomiting, tingling and numbness, vision loss, throat pain, weakness and weakness. Migraines will last from 4 hours up to a days that are few. The causes of a migraine? This real question is not completely understood, however it is thought that activation associated with the system that is trigeminovascular in migrane.

Come once more? Irritation to the yellowish nerve shown above may result in swelling when you look at the brain and bloodstream surrounding it.