Planning on making love? Ensure it is safe through getting your STI prevention methods and contraception sorted, knowing about permission and intimate wellness checks, and achieving ‘the talk’ together with your intimate partner.

This assists if:

  • you are planning to possess intercourse
  • you wish to know very well what sex that is safe
  • you wish to practise safe sex.

1. Know very well what safe sex is

Safe sex is any intimate contact you’ve got while protecting your self along with your partner from intimately sent infections (STIs) and pregnancy that is unplanned. While there’s no method to guarantee that sex will likely to be 100 percent secure, you can find things to do to allow it to be safer. Begin by speaking together with your partner and checking you both want intercourse in those days.

2. Have actually ‘the talk’

It’s vitally important to ensure which you along with your intimate partner are for a passing fancy web page just before have sexual intercourse.