This blessing, with the reaction to the servant’s declare that Jesus had led him to Rebekah, helps me to understand just why Abraham insisted that Isaac’s spouse be acquired from their close family relations in Mesopotamia. To some degree Bethuel along with his home should have provided a faith into the Jesus of Abraham. They quickly taken care of immediately the data of divine guidance as recounted by the servant (verses 37-49, 50-51). Their blessing on Rebekah is, within my estimation, a representation of these faith in Abraham’s Jesus along with his covenant. The blessing they pronounced too closely parallels God’s covenant promise to Abraham become coincidental: 206

“And i am going to bless her, as well as i am going to offer you a son by her. However shall bless her, and she will be a mom of countries; kings of individuals shall result from her” (Gen. 17:16)

“May you, our sis, become a large number of ten thousands, that will your descendants hold the gate of these whom hate them” (Gen. 24:60)