You can now partake into the noble search for angling when you enjoy a game title of Fortnite! Throughout the map are new fishing spots to purchase a fishing catch and rod items like tools, Floppers and Slurpfish.

Getting these plain things is not simply fun, Slurpfish in specific are powerful recovery products, so that it’s well well worth once you understand where you should look.

How to locate a fly rod in Fortnite

To get a fly fishing rod, you’re best off looking in three places.

The foremost is apparent: flooring spawns. They be seemingly somewhat unusual, but you can simply find fishing rods arbitrarily all over map while you would every other loot. But, it is maybe maybe not probably the most way that is reliable track one down.

You may find fishing rods in chests. Although once more, it is perhaps maybe not fully guaranteed – especially since chests aren’t a 100% spawn on their own.

But finally, in some areas regarding the map you’ll find barrels filled with fishing poles you duo, trio, or squad to grab for you and.