PiS politician judged that such situations are “unacceptable in democratic countries.” “We saw what it really meant. TK was to be a weapon in the hands of today’s opposition, in particular PO and Modern, in the fight against the democratic government,” – he said. “He had to watch over this, that in Poland, nothing has changed, to make it as it was, despite losing the election by the Platform in October 2015.” – added. Portal tvp.info revealed e-mails from the period of April 20 June 2015. -1. “Indicate (they) unequivocally that the leadership of the Court was fully aware – even before the entry into force of the new Constitutional Tribunal Act, by the previous ruling coalition – that is + decay State + and presents + mentality Sami His +. Judges sleeve and Biernat admitted in its correspondence, that the allegations against the ideas of the Civic Platform + create unbearable aura Court +, which after the change of power in Poland + TK will zdelegitymizowany +. the management of the Court in may 2015. decided, however, not to speak about the procedure of increasing the number of members of the Constitutional Tribunal of choice PO, because – as stated by vice-president Stanislaw Biernat – + here comes the end of our future colleagues of both sexes +. the only solution we have seen the leadership of the Court, that a direct meeting President Andrew Rzeplinski of the then Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and the idea that the + President of the distanced or deplored + ing “- he wrote tv