Intercourse is not one of many subjects frequently discussed in church and yet it is important for a delighted, healthier wedding. Relationship and sex specialist Emma Waring shares her top tips for improved closeness with your partner, and dispels a number of the fables surrounding exactly just what Christians should and shouldn’t be doing into the bed room

Forget spontaneity

Movies and tv will have us think that sex is obviously spontaneous. That both people are completely stimulated and that sex is effortless and always satisfying. The fact is, that after a couple of is together for many time, intercourse is less likely to want to be spontaneous as the busyness of life gets in the manner. For it to be spontaneous the chances are it simply won’t happen if we wait. We must be deliberate about this. We have to check with our partner exactly how we prioritise intimate closeness. That may appear to be time and effort and never especially intimate, but it requires us to talk about sex and plan times to have it if we are to be fully honest. Don’t assume that as we s