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Simone Vera Bath

Simone Bath was born in Berlin and having grown up in a city that was broken into two, she has always felt a deep desire to heal the divisions of history. The environment in which she was raised together with her strong and determined spirit has had a profound impact on all of her creations.  Her jewelry emanates imperfection, transformation, contrast and playfulness. This fused with precious and impressive materials  give her pieces their unique specialness and, above all individuality. When you look at something, what matters more than the object itself is how you look at it. It is in the discriminatory quality of the look that influences the way in which the observed object is perceived and, in turn, the way in which it looks back at the observer. Simone works with precious materials such as gold, diamonds and bronze that are tempered by the use of wood and other core materials. This union results in a continuous redefinition of contrast and balance, clearly evident in her finished work. Her creations seem somehow already ‘living' whilst they've only just been designed. This is precisely the beauty of Simone’s creations: they portray the perfect fusion of past and present, telling the story of times gone by. Whilst minimalism is characterized by its use of 'the perfect form', one remains aware of how it is the irregularity in life that stays with us, that which remains always unique, never the same, never serial. Every one of Simone's creations is a unique piece behind which is concealed an idea, a word, a concept to tell and discover, a message to communicate.